Finding product market fit 

John Danner, Dunce Capital, wrote this amazing guide on finding Product-Market Fit. He also includes a Report card, which links to another guide called "Experimenting to Product-Market Fit.

Download the guide now.

What's inside

"I work with seed stage founders trying to get to product market fit (PMF) and raise their Series A. My focus is on the future of learning and work, but I do think a lot of this approach is applicable to any consumer company and many enterprise SaaS businesses." - John Danner, Dunce Capital.

"I started three companies, one enterprise (NETG IPO’d) and two consumer, so I have been through the early stage drill a few times. What I’d like to talk about here is the stages I see seed companies go through, and the milestones to achieve in those areas. I have seen many companies pursue these milestones in a different order, and that can be mostly ok. My caution is that jumping to growth before establishing magic and habit is almost always a huge waste of time and money. To begin with, let’s start with the end. Here is a report card that you can use to assess your current PMF. While this will shine a light on a few areas where things aren’t working, consider that they are all connected, so often a bad 30-day retention rate can be because someone just wasn’t that excited about the magic, or didn’t have that strong a need to fill."

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