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76% of companies agree that partnerships are key to delivering on their revenue goals.

Enterprises and brands have traditionally focused on growth through sales and marketing optimization. While historically successful, enterprises are increasing their focus on growth through partnerships to meet and exceed future growth goals.

As partnerships become increasingly crucial to revenue growth, organizations must develop an operational strategy and leverage the correct channel tools and organizational best practices to ensure partnership success. 

Key findings

Partnerships are increasingly crucial to business growth. Partnerships take many shapes, but all are increasingly critical to helping companies grow revenue by accessing prospects and customers that the company may not otherwise reach.

Successful partnership programs require a multifaceted approach. Our survey showed that companies with the fastest growing partnership programs embrace organizational agility, capitalize on a variety of partnership models, and leverage technology to optimize partner management.

Best-in-class partnership programs deliver competitive advantage through outsized revenue growth. Companies with the most mature programs treat partnerships as a strategic differentiator. 

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