B2B Channel Partners

Can These Relationships Be Saved?

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Discover how B2B companies successfully future-proof their indirect channel relationships.

A business-to-business (B2B) company’s use of indirect channel partners is a key determinant of success—or failure. How those partners find, manage and serve customers impacts the entire business. 

With so much riding on their indirect partners, companies must transform partnership models into ecosystems that are not marriages of convenience, but meaningful relationships to which all parties are committed and invested.

Growth requires that companies provide the support, structure and basic operating parameters that their partners need. Above all, it calls for an operating model based on trust.

Learn new rules for connected growth in a B2B ecosystem;

Leverage connections and data flows to enable value- added services

Rethink core competencies and leave the rest to partners in the ecosystem

Plan for hyper-rapid scale without traditional constraints

Move from physical products to as-a-service models

Create an excellent customer experience and examine location independence

Sell more, together

CoSell empowers companies to unlock revenue through exclusive networks purpose-built for relationship-selling.