Annual co-selling report

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2022 Annual co-selling report

Demand generation is the oxygen that revenue leaders breathe.

With infinite choices, today's customers have become numb to traditional mass marketing and cold outreach.

The last great opportunity to provide this needed oxygen is to empower revenue teams to build exclusive networks for referrals and relationship-selling.


95% of startups fail.


75% of sales reps miss their quota.

It's time to do something different.

The upcoming change is a reality for all sales organizations. In the current environment, the pace of automation, and new challenges are driving a requirement for short-term changes in how teams go to market.

In CoSell's first annual co-selling report, you can explore the trends of go-to-market strategies, and what they mean for your sales organization.

This survey of more than 100 executives and leaders in B2B SaaS will likely surprise you with our findings. In this difficult environment, being ahead of the curve to plan for what's next is of ever more importance.